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Find Your Tribe

It's a fairly common belief that we were built for community - humans don't do very well when left alone.

But with the increasing cases of depression, suicide, and the shock surrounding such events, it seems like it's not enough just to ensure you're not alone, but paramount to safeguard against being LONELY.


A Glimpse of Failure

What if the only pictures you were able to take, print, or share were ones from the low, ugly, or gloomy points from your life?

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I Don't Need BALANCE!!!

There is one piece of advice I hear all the time... "You just need to find balance in your life, then things will be better and less stressful." But something hit me today... that's a LIE??


Jumping Ship

(sequel to "In Two Places at Once")

So I have decided to do it!! Sure it's two weeks early, but after ten years what's the point in waiting another two weeks? When you "know" you "know." Right??


I was challenged by this concept last week by two different posts on FB: 1) A video post by a Muslim lady speaking against radical Islam 2) A nurse's post about treating patients of female genital mutilation and then explaining that this happens TODAY in CANADA by DOCTORS



Have you ever felt fear rising in you because there was a situation coming up that was completely out of your control? One that had a very high probability of leaving you alone and/or looking foolish?

I experienced that very familiar scenario tonight... 


In two places at once

What do you do when there is dissension between your heart and mind and it is forcing your body to live in two places at once, tearing you in two? 


How do you "lean in"?

I have been challenged a lot this year about this concept of "leaning in". My tendency is to lean back until I can be sure of what is in front of me, what I can do to keep control, and/or what the circumstance might present and if I can succeed in it.