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As I am so excited about my upcoming projects, I want to make room for them so I'm clearing out the stock of current titles.

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** Coffee Lover **


'Veiled' series book set & coffee card

With the VEILED SERIES BOOK SET you receive: 

  • Signed copy of VEILED

  • Signed copy of THE SAND BRIDE

  • Starbucks coffee card

 All for $27.00. A great way to treat yourself or a friend. 



$2.99 for all eBooks

All eBooks are now on sale for $2.99. No promo code necessary. Just add it to your cart and enjoy.




                                                                      REFERRAL Discount 

I sure love referrals. So to show my thanks, use promo code: REF10 to receive 10% off any order. 



Book club promo

Receive 25% off any order over $90 by entering promo code: CLUB25. There is also an awesome draw that goes along with this promo. For more information: CLICK HERE and check out THE BOOK CLUB contest. If you would like me to visit your book club: CLICK HERE to make a request on my contact page.