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Veiled  by Cyana Gaffney is an absolutely cracking contemporary Christian suspense that draws the reader in from the start... The novel is cleverly constructed with the timeline fluctuating and the character focus changing. I clung on to the action with trepidation and anticipation...

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U.K Blogger:   julia wilson     

I haven't read a book for a very long time. My daughter keeps saying to me - Mom, you've got to read more. In the past ten years I've read maybe a hand full of books. I put them down and pick them up and have to reread what I've read to try and remember what the book was about. As I walked past your book on the shelf I was intrigued. Great cover! So I bought it - signed already - how lucky am I. As I read the first page and turned it to the next and the next, my intense desire to read more and more could not be quenched. My husband couldn't believe how much I was reading again. I've finished your book and can't wait for THE SAND BRIDE to hit the shelves. Love love loved your book VEILED. Thank you for writing the book and for renewing my love of reading. Well done! On so many levels. WELL DONE!

Vera French

VEILED is a contemporary thriller that keeps you on your toes and guessing about what will happen next. The book shines and brings a suble and complex perspective to the divide between MIddle Eastern and Western thought and offers insight into our shared humanity. It also explores how faith and the power of God and heal your heart and save your life. Great Book. Highly recommeneded. 


Wow, VEILED is the best fiction book I have ever read. This book grabbed me from the very first page. It has romance, adventure, suspense, oh so much suspense. I loved it and have been recommending it to everyone I know. Well done, Cyana, you are so very talented.

Carla Penner

A page turner! I could not put VEILED down, even though at times the intensity of it felt more than I could bear! I was transported to a new world and felt as if I was right there with the characters. With bated breath, I wait for the sequel. Write, Cyana, write.

Camille howard

rebecca harris

Once I started reading VEILED, I couldn't put it down. Cyana has done an incredible job of weaving the characters' story lines together in a way that gives just enough information to the reader when it is needed but keeps you flipping pages for the next piece of the puzzle. The story was engaging, heart breaking, exciting, terrifying, gut wrenching, and uplifting, all at the same time. I can't wait to see what comes next!

Dawn Hamm

VEILED - I promise not to give anything away. Captivating, Intriguing with unexpected plot twists. It grabbed me in the first couple pages and kept me hooked right till the end. Some of it was hard to read because of the subject matter but very well written. My first thought after I read the last page was "when will the sequel be finished?"

crystal Braaten

VEILED was so good!! To be honest I didn't know what to expect but it was excellent! I can't wait for the next one(there better be a next one!). Detailed thoughts... I love that it wasn't too vanilla like a lot of Christian literature. There were really scary moments in it as there would be in real life. I love how Cyana brought a different culture to life that I would be terrified to be in but that there were heroes there too. The flow was awesome and I kept thinking to myself, how could she have dreamed all of this? Keep writing!

Lisa EDie

Cyana is a great new Canadian author. VEILED is a novel you can't put down. Good luck trying to get anything else done once you've started reading. Inspirational suspense, intrigue, and romance will keep you turning the pages, and eagerly awaiting the next installment.


Colin gaffney

VEILED is a fantastic book.  I was hooked right from the start and didn't want to put it down until I reached the end. Cyana writes in such a way that it's like watching a really good movie. The characters are well developed, the storyline is intriguing, there's just the right balance of suspense and intensity.  This book is a must read. Great job Cyana, can't wait to read the next one.

carolee stevenson

Cyana has written an intriguing story of a young woman running away from heartbreak. Her path turns dark, but God is able to make her "valley of trouble into a door of hope". The story explores friendship, loss, and another culture. You will be encouraged by God's pursuit of our hearts no matter our situation. VEILED is a must read!!!