What's next...

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  • Project #1 - ATYPICAL

    • A dystopian fiction novel that will challenge our concept of disease vs design.

  • Project #2 - THE DOOR

    (put on hold for a bit - project #3 is jumping the line - haha)

    • A fiction novel about choosing reality or hiding in fantasy to escape trauma.

  • Project #3 - “AM I ENOUGH?"'

    • A personal development journey to answer the deep rooted question that threatens our identity and drastically affects our lives.

  • Two more additions to the “Olive Asks…” children’s series.

    Both books will be worked on in between the above projects.

    • Book 2 - Olive wonders why her plans and experiences often don’t look the same. God helps her see that perspective matters and offers for her to use His lens.

    • Book 3 - Olive is frustrated by all her weaknesses and questions why God made her in the first place.

  • YouTube Channel

    • I love talking (shocker, I know), so I’d love to engage with people on this platform. But it is still going to be a big stretch for me, so… if you have things you want to ask, discuss, etc - PLEASE let me know. I NEED CONTENT!!


I love to collaborate - so if you would like to be part of my research/advice team on any of the above projects, click here and fill out a contact form.