Local author’s idea for first novel a dreamy experience

Nouran Abdellatif

What was once a dream has now become a reality for Leduc author Cyana Gaffney with the release of her first book Veiled.
Ten years ago Gaffney dreamed she was running through a spice market trying to escape a group of men who were chasing her. She ended up hiding behind some barrels and was trying to get her husband’s attention without alerting the men. The dream ended there but Gaffney woke up with the idea for her novel. From there, the bookkeeping business owner embarked on her writing journey.
“I Googled how to write a book. I found an article by this guy who said to write plot lines on sticky notes. I used a word document with bullet points, but it was the best advice,” said Gaffney. “I had no writer’s block.”
Veiled’s main character Ryan Foster is on a search to find his beloved, Hailey, after she goes missing during a trip to visit a friend in Saudi Arabia. Hailey is in a tight spot due to her lack of understanding of the culture. After spending many mornings writing in coffee shops until Veiled was released last month.
“The story just flew out of me,” Gaffney said. “I was quite surprised. My imagination went wild.”
Gaffney has received a lot of encouragement from friends and family who have already gotten a preview of the book. Reviews are now coming in.
“It’s been received really well which is encouraging. It’s good fuel to keep me going,” she said, adding she is already on her way to writing a sequel – also based on another vivid dream. She hopes to have the sequel out in the next six months. For more information or to purchase Veiled visit