Leduc author releases book sequel

Nouran Abdellatif


Local author Cyana Gaffney has released the second book in the Veiled series.

The Sand Bride follows Hailey on another adventure in Saudi Arabia, but also into Egypt. The sequel once again deals with tough subject matter but also develops the characters even further.

“I learned a ton about making characters more multifaceted. None of us are all good or all bad so giving my villains more depth with a lighter side to them,” said Gaffney. “One of my characters is a really good businessman and takes care of his employees and is really kind to them but is a monster in other ways. I was more raw with this book of my personal emotion in it. I think that gave my characters more depth, especially my heroine.”

The story does wrap up with The Sand Bride but Gaffney hasn’t ruled out a third book for this series, but for now is working on another novel, this time set in the future. It tackles bio engineering children and as with Gaffney’s other books, will be suspenseful.

“It challenges our ideal of what is normal, what is perfection and why do we label things the way that we do in society just because they’re different rather than understanding them,” she said.

Gaffney will be available to do talks and is doing a book tour to promote The Sand Bride. For dates, to purchase the book or for more information, visit