Jumping Ship

(sequel to: "In Two Places at Once")

So I have decided to do it!! Sure it's two weeks early, but after ten years what's the point in waiting another two weeks? When you "know" you "know." Right??

Have you ever heard a senior say any of the following:

"Follow your dreams while you are young. If you wait too long, you'll be too tired to chase them."
"If you don't do what you love, you will come to regret it."
"Security is a sorry exchange for giving up on your dreams."

Funny how these words are not unique to our grandparent's generation. Have you ever realized that EVERY generation, when they get to their silver years, has the same (or similar) words of warning for the youth regardless of the decade? 


Are we going to keep on in the patterns of the those that went before us, not heeding their warnings, modeling the same for our children, only to utter those same words when we are old and gray to our grandchildren?

This video hit me like a 2x4: 

I said to my husband a few years ago, "I really, truly want a 'walking on water' life, one filled with adventure and learning. I'm tired of the ruts; I'm tired of the mundane. Life is short, and I can't fool myself forever that I have forever to live it." 

BUT there is one "small" requirement to have that life... I need to LEAVE my boat!!!

And so, I will be finding new homes for my clients, closing down my business, and throwing myself fully into writing.

"The Sand Bride" will be written, "The Door" will be created, books will be signed, and people will be interviewed so their stories will be heard. I will learn and grow and be stretched, fear will have to get out of the way, and onward will I go. 


(oh boy)