I was born in Calgary, Alberta, but I grew up in Kelowna, British Columbia. I found my faith and life changed in incredible ways. After graduating and a eight month trip to Europe, I married Colin, a wonderful man, in 2002. In 2010, after moving around A LOT, I finally settled in Leduc, Alberta with my husband, daughter, and our dog Woof.


How I started writing

After almost 9 years of running my bookkeeping/business consulting business and dabbling in a few other entrepreneurial ideas, I decided that it was high time to get back to being creative.  Much to my shock, this was in the form of finishing and publishing my first novel: VEILED. What a ride!!

I have always had very vivid dreams. The vast majority of them I can remember and relay in striking detail. They are like movies; sometimes I'm a part of them and sometimes I'm just a spectator. One night in 2006, while we were living in Quebec, I awoke from such a dream. The first thought in my mind was: now that would make an excellent plot for a book. I had never written much before that, let alone a whole novel, but I couldn't get the story out of my head. So a few weeks later I sat down at my computer and the story started flying out of me.


I never dreamed I would make a career out of being an author, so I just worked on the book as a hobby. There would be months straight where you would find me in a coffee shop, immersed in my writing. Then years would go by where I wouldn't touch it.

In the spring of 2016, I noticed that my creativity tank just wasn't getting full by developing businesses and helping others do the same with theirs. It was then that I thought about my book again. At that point, it had been a while since I sat with it. Upon realizing that I was really close to finishing, it was back to the coffee shops for me. I put my head down and got it done.

It felt incredible to finish something that I had been playing with for so long.  However, how could I just let the book sit there - finished - but not read by anyone. I decided to give it to a dear friend of mine, Carla Penner. I reassured her that complete honesty was OK because none of my eggs were in this basket. I didn't really have eggs or a basket at that point.

When hearing her response, I was shocked!

"Cyana, you have to get this published. I hate fiction, but I loved this. I couldn't put it down."

So there I was, at a HUGE crossroads: a fairly successful bookkeeping business on one side and this finished novel on the other.

Business stuff... I knew. Being an author... no clue. I felt like it was as if I was saying, "Yeah... so I think I'm going to switch careers and be a pro-football player now." Seriously, me a football player? Somehow my 5'5" and 160 lb frame probably wouldn't last long. So then how would me being an author actually work? 

In spite of my fear and feeling foolish, I decided to lean in where I normally would lean back and away. And through God's grace, I did it. Ah... publishing my book, not being a football player.

I am honored to have each of my readers follow my journey and have them share theirs. So please email, write, or message me! I'd love to swap stories, get your feedback and/or answer questions.

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Cyana Gaffney

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.
— Ernest Hemingway